License / Terms of Use

The products for sale on 3D Nook can be used for your personal and commercial needs under the following conditions:

None of the images included in the packs may be given away or resold or redistributed as a standalone product or included in any graphic collections for sale or free distribution.

If the images are used to create derivative digital products for commercial sale they must be incorporated or edited/manipulated in a way that they become integrated into other artwork and flattened so they are not able to be extracted.

You may not sell, or redistribute any of the products as is or make them into PNG tubes (PNGs on transparent backgrounds), or crop elements out and make into PNG tubes.

The products may be used for projects for print purposes such as book covers, greeting cards, fantasy backgrounds, photography back drops, etc., but not as is, you must incorporate other elements/embellishments, etc., and create your own designs.

As a buyer, you are not acquiring the ownership of the original images, they remain under our copyright, you are acquiring the right to use them under specific terms and conditions as stated under these License / Terms of Use. You, of course, will be the copyright holder of any derivative work that you create with our products.

The products may not be shared with friends or at filesharing sites. You may not redistribute them or claim them as your own.